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Lyfepoints is a platform designed to turn a portion of consumers' everyday spending into a direct reduction of their utility bill.

Consumers spend over 64 Billion each year on utilities including heat, electricity, cell service, cable tv and natural gas. Lyfepoints members can shop in more than 20,000 grocery and drug stores, thousands of online properties and register one or more major credit/debit cards to receive both spend based offers and product specific offers in small and large retailers alike. All offers that are redeemed accrue to a direct reduction of a utility bill no matter the utility provider.

Lyfepoints systems are also used by more than 100 utility companies across North America. The companies offer their customers and employees the ability to spend less on their utility bills through everyday spending. Started in March 2011 as NeighborOil, Lyfepoints has become the industry leader in rewards designed to directly reduce a utility bill at the point of payment. Our direct to consumer website is https://lyfepoints.com while our business to business site is https://billaway.com.





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Who We Are

Paul Harkins, Founder & CEO

Paul has been an entrepreneur for over twenty years focusing on consumer services and incentives. Paul comes to Lyfepoints from OfferIQ, a virtual incentive company, and prior to that as a founder of inStream Media, a point of purchase advertising company. Both companies were focused on optimizing incentive tendencies then utilizing those tendencies to increase redemption, spend and ticket size for large retailers. During his tenure Paul secured contracts with many large retailers such as Borders, Dollar General and Destination Maternity in addition to financial institutions such as Chase and Fifth Third Bank.

Paul was also instrumental in running fundraising efforts for these companies and in the process raising a large amount of venture capital and debt financing for both. Prior to inStream Paul was President of The Schubert Group, a boutique management firm focused on growing software relationships in China. Paul attended St. Thomas Aquinas University with a focus on Psychology. Paul's passion is now enabling consumers with the ability to control what they pay instead of being a victim of what they have to pay for energy.

Richard Baker, CFO

Richard comes to Lyfepoints from Youdecide.com. There, Richard was the CFO. Prior to Youdecide, Richard spent more than 30 years in management with stints in such companies as Gillette, United Brands and Pepsi. In 1981, Richard was the co-founder of Great Bay Timber Co which sold timer and lumber products to Taiwan, Japan and Singapore. After selling the company, Richard became a principle and owner of One Pie Canning Co., a regional food company. Richard has been actively involved in the start up ecosystem in and around Boston as an angel investor, advisor and executive. A veteran of the Navy, Richard is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Business School. Richard also serves on the board of The Dyslexia Foundation.

Ian Bowles, Co-Founder

Ian focuses on strategy and business development for Lyfepoints based on his conviction that consumers need much better purchasing options to take control of their energy needs and realize available savings. Until early 2011, Bowles served as Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs under Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, where he oversaw six agencies and more than 3,000 employees. As Secretary, he overhauled energy and utility regulation and launched the largest energy efficiency program in the country - an initiative that led to the #1 ranking for MA by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. He also set the nation's strongest standard on greenhouse gas emission, put in place the most stringent building code and established MA as a top tier solar PV market.

Earlier in his career, he served as principal international environment and natural resources policy advisor on the White House staff for President Bill Clinton. He attended Harvard College and Oxford University. He was recently recognized by the New England Clean Energy Council with its Hall of Fame award. At home, he recently completed a deep energy retrofit of his 140 year old Victorian, installed solar panels and enjoying using less gasoline by driving his Chevy Volt.

Alan McClanaghan, CTO

Alan is responsible for technology infrastructure at Lyfepoints, including Engineering, Operations, IT and Data Systems. Prior to Lyfepoints, Alan was Chief Technology Officer at MoFuse, a global leader in mobile web. He was responsible for Engineering/Operations for the MoFuse mobile web content management and hosting platform. Before MoFuse, Alan was Chief Technology Officer at linkedFA. He was responsible for Engineering/Operations for the industries first FINRA compliant social media platform designed specifically for financial professionals. Previously, Alan led the R&D division of AGFA Healthcare. Cardiovascular Business Unit, developing a suite of next generation solutions for enterprise Healthcare IT. Alan.s passions have also led him to found two software companies, Apreve Solutions LLC. and A.M. Technology & Associates, both of which were acquired. Alan is very active in the technology community, sitting on the boards of several technology startups. He holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Keene State College.

Mike Neil, SVP Development

Michael heads up all of the development for Lyfepoints. Prior, Michael has been building informational system for over six years. He is focused on usability, security and the interaction with the end user. After earning his experience with large firms, Michael went solo and started his own web development company. Michael has extensive working knowledge of the latest applications and trends. Michael brings a fresh, innovative view of the latest technologies to the company. When not working on Lyfepoints, Michael enjoys the sunny west coast weather.

Scott Young, Co-Founder and Corporate Development

Scott comes to Lyfepoints after founding Suburban Green, a company focused on the alternative energy needs of consumers. While there, Scott ran all product and partner relations for the company prior to its sale. At Lyfepoints Scott is the Market Maker where he manages the pricing platform. Additionally, Scott oversees all partner activity and manages the partner platform for the distribution side of the business. Previous, Scott ran business development for OfferIQ where he interacted with non-profits and small local retailers. In addition, Scott was an Option Specialist on the American Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange from 1985-2003.


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